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Pleasure Craft Propulsion Solutions

ZF Marine's complete line of transmissions, propellers, shafts, control systems and thruster products for pleasure craft applications — combined with our vast experience of partnering with engine manufacturers, naval architects and boat builders — gives us a knowledge advantage that is unmatched in this industry. A team of sales engineering specialists reviews your specific craft design or profile, so that the result is a customized turnkey solution designed just for you.

This type of partnership provides:

  • An optimized engineering solution
  • Full integration of the complete propulsion system installation
  • Exact definition of all interfaces in the driveline, control and monitoring systems
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to "single service" responsibility

Synergy on Water

ZF is Propulsion

For integrated propulsion packages and shaftline systems that offer optimal maneuverability, comfort and speed, ZF Marine is the best choice for high-performance and dependable marine technology that will fit your specific pleasure craft needs.

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